Award winner

The Hallmark Society of Victoria BC  awarded author Nancy J. Hughes with their 2010 Communications Award  in recognition of the outstanding work done in the publication of her book “Built by Luney Bros. Ltd.  The presentation will take place May 3, 2011, 7:30 p.m.  at St. Ann’s Academy Auditorium in the annual celebration of heritage excellence.

The British Columbia Genealogical Society, Richmond, B.C.’s new annual Family History Book Award 2010  has awarded Third Place  to Built by Luney Bros. Ltd: Building a City and a Legacy Brick by Brick, Victoria, B.C. 1885-1962. Presentation to take place July 17, 2011. 2:00pm at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library, 211 – 12837 76th Ave. Surrey, B.C